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Carolyn P.

“Wonderful, sweet book! What a wonderful way to start the conversation of students with different abilities in our children’s lives.”

Mack B.

“Friendship Crown is a treasure at multiple levels.  It’s a fun story with a set of valuable teaching moments, certainly to children and even adults! The rhythm is captivating. As an educator, I rate it highly, but the best review comes from my grandchildren.  I played the audio version for them, while their two year old youngest brother was distracting with undivided attention to the screeching he was making for his dinosaurs.  The rest of the lot were spell bound, not moving a muscle.  The ending sent them to bed smiling and happy.  Look forward to more from this author.”

Sandra M.

“The Friendship Crown delightfully intertwines youthful exuberance while teaching that physical differences are not really disabling to being friends. Instead of just seeing the outward appearances, having the bravery to try, and success in reaching out to another becomes an enriching experience for everyone involved! Great teaching tool!”

Tawana S.

“Finally a book to address differences at a young age when individuals are pliable so they learn that differences make us who we are and who we become! 


Larry F.

“I believe that The Friendship Crown and its continuing series will prove to be a shining example of children’s literature. “

Anne K.

“This beautifully written book speaks directly to the heart of connection that young children naturally seek. The gentle message in this book can spark helpful discussions in every home and classroom. I look forward to reading this book over and over with all of my grandchildren!”

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